Fun at the Great Iowa Pet Expo

Gigi and I volunteered at the Central Iowa Kennel Club’s booth at the Great Iowa Pet Expo this past weekend.  The kennel club was there with a mission for education about responsible dog ownership and responsible breeding.  Lots of fun!  Gigi loved all the new doggy friends she made.

Great Dane responsible breeder

Central Iowa Kennel Club booth and volunteers


Gigi, adoring Tiana. The well groomed Standard Poodle is “Piper”. She was there for Tiana to show off her awesome grooming skills.







Puppy Toenails

Keeping your dog’s nails neatly trimmed not only looks nice, it also is less stress on the dog’s foot.  No long nails to splay the feet out.  No long nails to jab into your foot either!

We start when they are just babies, getting them used to getting the nails trimmed and also keeping the quick nice and short.

Having nine puppies means LOTS of nails to trim.  I use a Dremel to grind the nails, which keeps them nice and smooth.  For more detail, check out this old post.

grinding dog nails

Kizzy is in a commercial!

Kizzy is a star! We filmed a commercial for Mediacom yesterday. Quite the fun experience. It was filmed in front of a giant green screen and Kizzy’s “acting” consisted of a sit-stay, with the actress holding her leash, and then a recall. She comes running, with the actress attached and flying along with her. (I don’t think the actress feigned the struggle to hold her on that first take!)

She was a hit with the production crew. She was such a good girl – so many people, cameras, lights, equipment and craziness and she took it all in stride.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so my only snaps were on my phone. :( Here she is in front of the production studio’s sign:

Mantle Great Dane commercial
and waiting as patiently as possibly until the crew is ready for her part:
Mantle Great Dane commercial
Sounds like it will be several weeks before the commercial will be on TV.  I am supposed to get a digital copy and will post when I receive it.

Sad News

With tears in my eyes, I’m sharing that today we lost our Skyy – Ch Payaso Flighty Star Alliance RN CGC CHIC – to pyometra.  We had discovered a large hemangiosarcoma on her spleen in April, so I’m thankful for the great last six months we’ve had with her.  She was such a sweet, happy girl.  She was loved.  RIP, Sweetheart.  1/6/04-10/4/11

Harlequin Great Dane

A very happy ending!!

Guinness, the missing Corgi, has been caught and reunited with his owners!!!

We hadn’t had any Guinness sightings since we first saw him last Friday night.  Then, yesterday my mother-in-law was at our place and spotted him in our backyard.  We moved the live trap to the backyard and baited it with tripe (mmm) last night and were rewarded with a little Corgi guy in it this morning!  I was so excited at 6AM upon spotting him in the trap.

We carried him inside the live trap into the basement before attempting to get him out.  Weren’t taking any chances.  He was actually a pretty calm little guy.  In surprisingly good health after being on his own for almost two weeks.  He went happily into a Dane crate and scarfed up a bowl of his food.  Gave him a can of tripe a couple hours later, which he quickly gobbled up.  Then he seemed pretty content to curl up with his owner’s shirt and wait in the crate.

Called his owners at 6:30 and they were on the road by 7ish, here by a little after noon.  Not a lot of dry eyes during the reunion.  :)

Some images from this morning:

Missing Corgi

Hanging out with the boys, awaiting owners

owners reuniting


very happy owner

A very happy owner!

Guinness the missing Corgi

Us with Guinness and owner

Guinness going home

Going home!

A few additional images

Missing Corgi

We had a sad situation here in my area.  A family traveling through on the interstate were in a car accident (see Newton Daily News article) a week ago today.  They were traveling with their two Corgis.  One was killed in the accident :( and the other escaped in the confusion.

This was a week ago today and the dog has remained missing (second Newton Daily News article).  There haven’t been any reliable sightings of the dog.

Until tonight.  We spotted him in our yard a couple of hours ago!  We live right off the interstate where the accident happened and don’t have any Corgis in our area, so fairly positive that we saw the dog in question.

Guinness - missing Corgi

Guinness the missing Corgi

I talked to his owners on the phone and needless to say, they are very excited.  Unfortunately, the dog is super shy and has now been loose for an entire week…making him even more skittish.  He took off when I attempted to call him and I didn’t pursue for fear of driving him out of the area.

The owners are working with someone here in the Midwest that specializes and tracking and catching dogs in these type of situations.  I spent some time on the phone with this person, getting tips of what we could do to help.

My initial thought was to put out a lot of food, to keep him here.  However, she cautioned that we want to keep him hungry, so not to put out too much.  Did some cooked hamburger and spread the juice out over the grass and tree leaves, to make the area smell stronger.  We also set a live trap, although it’s doubtful he can be caught in one.

Some Corgi friends are coming out to our acreage tomorrow with one of their Corgis – who is in season.   We’re going to put her on a long line and walk her around the area, hoping she might draw him out.

Sounds like the owners are driving back (they’re several hours away in IL) here tomorrow.

Please cross your fingers that this boy can be reunited with his family very soon!!

Update: Check out our happy ending!

AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

Thank you to the members of the Central Iowa Kennel Club for honoring me with the AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

One of the things I love most about showing dogs is all of the friends I’ve met.  While the CIKC has had its fair share of bumps in the road, we’ve persevered and the club is thriving.  I enjoy working with my fellow club members to benefit the sport of purebred dogs.

For anyone looking to start showing dogs, go get involved in a club.   You’ll learn so much about showing and met great folks along the way.

CIKC has many dedicated and wonderful members.   I’m very flattered to be selected as our first club recipient of this award.

Nails – Dremel

Keeping your dog’s nails short is good for your dog’s foot.  Long nails can cause discomfort for the dog and be hard on your floors or furniture.   Not to mention they hurt like mad when the dog steps on your foot!

I use a dremel to grind my dogs’ nails. I like the dremel as I’m less likely to injure the dog (quicking the nails with clippers can be a bloody mess) and the nails end up smooth.  I picked up my cordless dremel at Target for around $20.  Use the course sanding head.

There are now specific dremel tools for doing your pets’ nails.  It isn’t necessary to get the pet-specific tool, although if they’re price comparable, there isn’t anything wrong with them either.

I have to charge the battery immediately before use (I plug it in the night before I plan on doing nails), in order to make it through both dogs’ nails.  I also find that I have to replace my dremel about once every year or so as the battery gets to the point it will barely make it through the job.  I’ve thought about going to the electric variety, but like the freedom of the cordless.

To keep the nails short, I do nails about once a week.  If your dog currently has long nails, you won’t be able to get them short in one sitting, you’ll have to make the quick recede over a period of time by doing the nails more frequently, every 3-4 days.

When dremeling the nails, keep in mind that the friction will cause heat to build.  Use a tap-tap method on the nails and be mindful of the heat.

To start, I dremel off the ends, taking the desired length off of all of the nails on one foot, similar to if I was using a nail clipper.

Notice how the end of the nail is blunt

Then, I go back to each toe and smooth all the sides:

In the end, you’ll have nice, smooth short nails!  They look nice on the dog and help prevent injury to their feet – and yours!  (Please disregard Kizzy’s dirty feet – we had just come inside from a run in the field!)

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