Puppy pictures!

I can’t believe the babies will be five months old in a few days.  They are all doing great in their new homes.  I’ve gotten several pictures of everyone over the past few months (which I love!) and am sharing some here…

Oden (FKA Ace) at 15 weeks old

Diesel (FKA Charlie) dressed up for Halloween!

Izzy (FKA Dickens)

Homer (FKA Earl)

Mojo (FKA Frankie)

Willow (FKA Heidi)

Ruby (FKA Isla) with a friend

Thanks to all the families, who are loving these wonderful babies!

Puppy Play

Gigi is now 4 1/2 months old.  They grow so fast.

My mom has a Lab pup, just a few weeks younger than Gigi and they make great playmates!

Great Dane and Lab puppies playing

Lab and Great Dane puppies

Lab and Great Dane playing

Great Dane and Lab puppy playing

Puppies playing

Puppies chewing on a stick

Mantle Great Dane puppy

Mantle Great Dane puppy posted ears


Our keeper girl, Gigi. So cute, fun and naughty! We love her.

mantle great dane puppy ears taped

Gigi at 12 weeks old

mantle great danes playing

Kizzy loves her mini-me, too

mantle great dane puppy

On the go!

mantle great dane puppy ears taped

Busy puppy

First time outside

The puppies had their first venture outside today.  They did great!

piebald great dane


mantle great dane puppies

Dickens and Gigi (FKA Greg)

piebald dane


Piebald Dane


4 week old mantle great dane puppy


Kizzy was excited about their outdoor adventure, too!

Finished off the experience with dinner outside.


Kizzy Picked Up More Points

Kizzy has been out with a handling team and has picked up three more points towards her AKC championship.  She is now “singled out” – she has 12 of her 15 needed points and just needs a 3-point major to finish her championship.

Don’t know what that dog show jargon means, but curious? Check out AKC’s Beginners’ Guide To Dog Shows and/or Counting Points at a Dog Show.

Here she is with Gwen Meyer, winning two points (June 2013):

Show Mantle Great Dane