Brindle Girl Available

We have decided to make Pippin available to a companion home. She is crate trained, house trained, lives with and is good with kids and other dogs. She is pretty interested in cats but has been good with ours. Preference is to keep her somewhat local (Iowa) but an amazing home is paramount. We are not in a hurry to place her and will wait as long as it takes to find the perfect fit. No shipping. You must be willing to come here (Central Iowa) to meet her. Email Hailey for more information and an application!

Available Puppy

Available 8 week old fawn male. UPDATE: He has found a home.

Looking for a pet home. Located in central Iowa area. If you are interested in learning more, please email Denise at and include some information about yourself and the type of home you can offer. Please include your location, info about other pets, etc. (Please do not call – all inquiries are going to Denise and will be initially handled via email. Thank you!)

8 week old fawn great dane puppy
great dane puppies for sale


A bit past due on some updates here! Lots of exciting updates.

First, I am honored to be able to co-own each of these very promising youngsters:

Creed (AutumnRidge Flighty Flip the Script)
Pippin (AutumnRidge Flighty Rhythm of Revival)

My co-bred litter from Mello x Danni are now six weeks old and we are in love with them!

L-R Mia, Ralphie, Sophia (no puppies available at this time)

Last, but not least, we are super excited to welcome Endora (Yandamar Flighty Foto Bewitched) to the US from Ireland. Thankful to her breeder, John Walsh (Yandamar Danes, Ireland) for sending her to the US. Endora will live with my good friend, who has had two previous Foto Dane puppies, including Bing’s brother, Frank. She will be shown here in the Midwest. Better pics to come of her!

Welcome, Endora!

So humbled to be included as a co-owner on these puppies!

Puppy Updates & Pics

The puppies from our 2019 have all settled into their new homes and are doing great. Am excited that three of the four will be shown.

Farrah – Flighty Foto Tered-DBM – owned by Bev Klingensmith, Bree Buswell, Christy Watson and Dr. Neil O’Sullivan. Farrah lives nearby with Christy and Bree.
Bosley – Flighty Foto Tered-DBM Cruising Angels – owned by Denise Carroll, Bev Klingensmith, Riley Carroll and Dr. Neil O’Sullivan. Bosley lives with Denise and Riley.
Riot – Flighty Foto TeredDBM The Witty Angel – owned by Emily Handschumaker, Bev Klingensmith, and Dr. Neil O’Sullivan. Riot lives in NY with Emily.
Kimber – FlightyFoto TeredDBM Good Mornin Angel – Owned by Zac & Cassie Cleveland

Puppies 8 week evaluation

Farrah will live with a family near us and be shown and co-owned by us.
This girl is headed to a fantastic show home in NY
Bosley is going to live with a good friend nearby and will be co-owned by us. Look for him in the show ring!
Kimber went to a fantastic pet home near me and I will hopefully get to see her often!