First time outside

The puppies had their first venture outside today.  They did great!

piebald great dane


mantle great dane puppies

Dickens and Gigi (FKA Greg)

piebald dane


Piebald Dane


4 week old mantle great dane puppy


Kizzy was excited about their outdoor adventure, too!

Finished off the experience with dinner outside.


Puppies arrived!

We have nine healthy babies!  The first five were born in the wee hours of the morning, June 25th.  The next four came via c-section several hours later.

3 mantle males
2 mantle females
2 piebald males
2 piebald females

Mom & babies are all doing great!

mantle and piebald dane puppies

mantle and piebald dane puppies

Kizzy Pregnancy Progression – Day 41

Kizzy at Day 41:

Pregnant Great Dane

I think she looks huge already.  Went through some old pictures of her mom, Skyy, while pregnant (with Kizzy!) and found a Day 41 image of her:

Pregnant Great Dane

Have an x-ray scheduled for June 16th, which will give us an idea of how many babies Kizzy has in store for us.


Pregnant Kizzy

Decided to forgo an ultrasound, based on an already obvious growing belly!

pregnant mantle great dane

Ever modest, below is a normal position for Miss Kizzy.  I think she is trying to bake the babies in the sun!

mantle great dane