Puppy Updates & Pics

The puppies from our 2019 have all settled into their new homes and are doing great. Am excited that three of the four will be shown.

Farrah – Flighty Foto Tered-DBM – owned by Bev Klingensmith, Bree Buswell, Christy Watson and Dr. Neil O’Sullivan. Farrah lives nearby with Christy and Bree.
Bosley – Flighty Foto Tered-DBM Cruising Angels – owned by Denise Carroll, Bev Klingensmith, Riley Carroll and Dr. Neil O’Sullivan. Bosley lives with Denise and Riley.
Riot – Flighty Foto TeredDBM The Witty Angel – owned by Emily Handschumaker, Bev Klingensmith, and Dr. Neil O’Sullivan. Riot lives in NY with Emily.
Kimber – FlightyFoto TeredDBM Good Mornin Angel – Owned by Zac & Cassie Cleveland