Skyy health update

During her recent c-section, a large tumor was discovered on Skyy’s spleen.  Hemangiosarcoma (blood fed sarcoma) is suspected and the prognosis is not good.  We discussed the options available that day and decided not to attempt removal or even a biopsy, as the risk with her bleeding out was too great (the tumor had a very large blood supply feeding it).

There are various options I have to consider, including a splenectomy (removing the spleen and tumor), however the prognosis isn’t good for any of the options.

I have decided not to put Skyy through any additional surgeries and to simply keep her comfortable and well loved during her remaining time.

She did give me a scare earlier this week and she completely stopped eating on Thursday of this past week and was continually vomitting. I started treating her with pain meds, thinking it might be a pain related issue and fortunately, she has started eating again.  I imagine my time with her is very limited, but as long as her quality of life is good, I am going to enjoy her company.

She is still taking wonderful care of her baby boy, who is growing fast!