Kizzy is in a commercial!

Kizzy is a star! We filmed a commercial for Mediacom yesterday. Quite the fun experience. It was filmed in front of a giant green screen and Kizzy’s “acting” consisted of a sit-stay, with the actress holding her leash, and then a recall. She comes running, with the actress attached and flying along with her. (I don’t think the actress feigned the struggle to hold her on that first take!)

She was a hit with the production crew. She was such a good girl – so many people, cameras, lights, equipment and craziness and she took it all in stride.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so my only snaps were on my phone. 🙁 Here she is in front of the production studio’s sign:

Mantle Great Dane commercial
and waiting as patiently as possibly until the crew is ready for her part:
Mantle Great Dane commercial
Sounds like it will be several weeks before the commercial will be on TV.  I am supposed to get a digital copy and will post when I receive it.