2018 Litter

Puppies arrived May 31, 2018!  (All puppies have homes.) Check out our Blog page for loads of updated pictures.  Due to host server issues, I lost over two months of pictures and posts on my website.  I have added back some images and will try to add more back in the future. So many pictures!

Heidi (Flighty Foto Yin Yang) x Henry (MBISS GCHS Payaso Alto Gavea Henry Kissinger AOM). Puppy pedigree

Harl x mantle breeding

7 week old Dane puppies
7 weeks old
4 week old Dane puppies
4 weeks old
Our keeper pup, Bing (Flighty Foto White Christmas)
Bosbee (FKA Martin) Flighty Foto King of Cool
Swagger (FKA Davis) Flighty Foto One Cool Cat
Frank (FKA Sinatra) Flighty Foto My Way

All boys: 1 harlequin, 2 mantles, 1 mantle merle (pictured at 2 days old)


Heidi: Health Testing (CHIC number 127780); Pedigree
Henry: Health Testing (CHIC number 121582)

This litter is Futurity nominated for 2018.