Misc Pictures

Getting caught up on posting some pictures…

Gigi with her new buddy, Walter (a 3 month old Cocker Spaniel), at a fun match last weekend.

Cleaning up after my all-breed kennel club’s dog show, we turned club member dogs loose to run and play in the empty building. FUN!

Jan Snow Fun

A little late in posting these, but Oden stayed with us while his owner was out of town and we had lots of fun playing in the snow.  The dogs really love it when we go sledding – chasing the kids up and down the hill!  We also had my mom’s Lab come over to join the party – lots of dogs and kids to play.  Lots of fun!  See a gallery of pictures

Kizzy chasing Oden

Gigi racing Isla down the hill

Gigi at handling class & other pictures

Gigi has been playing show-dog-in-training at handling classes lately.  Couple snaps from a recent class:

Waiting patiently

Gigi working with a friend. We take turns handling each others dogs, to get the dogs comfortable working with other people.

And, later that night, Kizzy showing how she patiently waits for dinner!

A sweet picture from when Oden (Gigi’s brother) recently stayed with us while his human mom was traveling:

Oden on his back, relaxing with his mom and sister.

Fun at the Great Iowa Pet Expo

Gigi and I volunteered at the Central Iowa Kennel Club’s booth at the Great Iowa Pet Expo this past weekend.  The kennel club was there with a mission for education about responsible dog ownership and responsible breeding.  Lots of fun!  Gigi loved all the new doggy friends she made.

Great Dane responsible breeder

Central Iowa Kennel Club booth and volunteers


Gigi, adoring Tiana. The well groomed Standard Poodle is “Piper”. She was there for Tiana to show off her awesome grooming skills.







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