Gigi’s First Dog Show

Fun way to start Gigi’s show career!  A nice Best in Match win at the Puppy Derby.

Mantle Great Dane showing

Gigi winning Best in Match at the Illini Great Dane Club Puppy Derby

showing mantle great dane

Winning her class in Sweepstakes at the Illini Great Dane Club Specialty.

family of mantle great danes

Family picture! L-R: Kizzy (mom) and litter mates: Oden, Izzy, and Gigi. Puppies are just shy of 9 months and Kizzy is almost 7 years old.

Sibling Play

We have been watching Gigi’s brother, Oden, while his parents were out of town.  The two puppies have had so much fun!  To make it even more fun, their sister, Jasmine, joined them for some play today.


Oden knows karate!

Oden HAS to be wondering what the heck Gigi is doing!

This picture cracks me up!

Kizzy and her two ducklings

Gigi at 7 months old

Oden at 7 months old



7 month old great danes

Oden, Gigi and Jasmine

Oden chasing Jasmine

Gigi and Jasmine

Puppies on the run

Fun times!

New Pictures

The mild winter has been great for outdoor play, although I’m not enjoying the mud!

mantle great dane

Kizzy at 6 1/2 years old

mother and daughter Great Dane

Kizzy and Gigi (6 months old)


We had a fun puppy play date, with two puppies the same age as Gigi.  Ahh, nice and tired puppy when we got home!

Great Dane playing

Great Danes playing

Raw Feeding

So excited and pleased with my first order from a new (to me) raw food supplier, Big Dan’s in MN!  I picked up 385 lbs of meat for the dogs, for just $220.  The supplier is a 4-hour drive from me, but completely worth the time and gas.  I split the gas cost with a friend, who also picked up food for her dogs.

raw diet for dogs

When feeding a raw diet, a balance of muscle meat, bone and organ meat is important.

I’m currently feeding two Danes and estimate that today’s haul will last me about two months, although I’ll supplement with a few other items, picked up from local grocery stores, too.  My 5 1/2 month old puppy will need about 4 lbs/day and her 6 1/2 year old mama will need about 3 lbs/day.  The pup will slow down on eating after about a year old and won’t require quite as much food after that.  But that first year, puppies eat a lot!

Puppy pictures!

I can’t believe the babies will be five months old in a few days.  They are all doing great in their new homes.  I’ve gotten several pictures of everyone over the past few months (which I love!) and am sharing some here…

Oden (FKA Ace) at 15 weeks old

Diesel (FKA Charlie) dressed up for Halloween!

Izzy (FKA Dickens)

Homer (FKA Earl)

Mojo (FKA Frankie)

Willow (FKA Heidi)

Ruby (FKA Isla) with a friend

Thanks to all the families, who are loving these wonderful babies!

Puppy Play

Gigi is now 4 1/2 months old.  They grow so fast.

My mom has a Lab pup, just a few weeks younger than Gigi and they make great playmates!

Great Dane and Lab puppies playing

Lab and Great Dane puppies

Lab and Great Dane playing

Great Dane and Lab puppy playing

Puppies playing

Puppies chewing on a stick

Mantle Great Dane puppy

Mantle Great Dane puppy posted ears