We are tentatively planning a litter for the spring of 2018.  This would be a mantle x harlequin breeding, which has the potential to produce harlequins, mantles and merles.  More information about this breeding will be posted as our plans firm.

I am also always happy to assist with breeder referrals.

* Why is health testing so important? *

If you would like assistance with breeder referrals, email me with your location and any color preferences.  We encourage you to do your own research on anyone’s recommendations, including ours. Don’t just stop at asking a breeder if they have Great Dane puppies for sale!

Please check out these articles on screening breeders:
ABC’s of Buying a Purebred Puppy
Chromadane’s Buyers’ Corner

Have you considered a rescue Dane?  A great way to obtain a wonderful companion!  If you’re in my area, check out the Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue.  Otherwise, the GDCA has a national rescue listing.

Our policies on placing puppies

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