Flighty KJEM Diamond Life, TDI, CGC ~ Doogan

CH Amherst’s TC x Can. CH KJEM’s Harl of My Heart
Owners: Bev Klingensmith & Dr. Neil O’Sullivan
Breeders: E.M. Kuntze & Dr. Neil O’Sullivan

We lost Doogan to a sudden unexplained bacterial infection. He had always been healthy and the necropsy revealed only that he acquired a freak infection. Even with a battery of tests and an exploratory surgery, the vets couldn’t pinpoint the root of his sudden illness. He passed away less than 72 hours after exhibiting any symptoms. He was just shy of three years old.  My heart still aches.

Pedigree :: First DaDane of DaWeek :: Second DaDane of DaWeek

2 years old

6 months old