Our Policies on Placing Puppies

We only sell puppies to homes where they will be indoor pets and part of their new family. Placing our puppies into caring, responsible and permanent homes is our goal when screening potential buyers.

Diet: We do not require a specific diet, just a quality diet of either a researched raw diet or a premium kibble (no puppy food). You can read more about how we feed on our Diet page. We are happy to discuss raw diets and help anyone interested get started.

Vaccinations: We use a limited vaccination protocol and request puppy buyers to follow suit. We do not use 5- or 7-way combo shots.  Please check out Dr. Jean Dodds’ Vaccine Protocol.  Over vaccination can be harmful to your pet.

At six months of age or later, a rabies shot will be needed. A rabies booster is then required 12 months later. Rabies then needs to be repeated every 1-3 years, per your state law. Iowa requires a rabies shot every three years.

We utilize titers (for distemper and parvo) instead of unnecessary annual booster shots, which can cause serious adverse effects. A titer is a simple blood test that checks for antibodies in the blood. All that is required of your local vet is to draw blood and send it off to a lab to run the titer.

Training and Socialization: Puppies are well socialized during their 8-9 weeks with us. Attending a puppy kindergarten class with the new owners is very important. Please plan to commit to a puppy kindergarten class and at least another 1-2 basic obedience classes beyond that.

Early training and socialization are vital keys in creating a stable adult dog. Temperament is not a nature vs. nurture situation, rather both environment and genetics play a role.

Spaying/Neutering: Pet puppies will be sold on limited AKC registration with a spay/neuter agreement in the contract. Limited Registration allows for the dogs to compete in AKC performance events, but not in conformation. Any puppies produced from dogs on Limited Registration cannot be registered with the AKC.

We do not recommend early spaying/neutering, as it can have negative health effects on the dog.  We recommend neutering males between 12-16 months; spaying females between 8-12 months.

Puppies will not be sold for breeding-only purposes. Show potential puppies will be sold with an agreement to remain intact only if they are going to a home that intends to show and health test prior to breeding.

Pet vs. show potential: The final puppy evaluation is at approximately 8-9 weeks of age. That is when we will make the final decision about which show marked puppies are show potential. We cannot promise any particular puppy to a home before this point.  We ask you to be patient with our decision process.  First preference is that show potential puppies to go to homes intending to show, however the primary goal is finding loving homes. Any show potential puppy that goes to a home not intending to show will be sold on the limited registration and spay/neuter contract.

If you are interested in a puppy, email me at bevklingensmith@gmail.com. Please include your name, location, information about yourself and what you desire in a puppy.  Prior to agreeing to sell anyone a puppy, we do require at least one in-person meeting.

Thank you for your interest in our dogs!

I am also happy to help with referrals to other breeders, just email me at bevklingensmith@gmail.com. We encourage you to do your own research on anyone’s recommendations, including ours.

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