Flighty Foto Domino ~ “Gigi”

DOB: 6/25/14 – 8/8/17
(lost from complications from spay)
BIF MBISS Ch. WindyCity-Orion’s Guitar Hero AOM x Flighty Foto Absolut CGC
Breeders: Bev & Joe Klingensmith, Dr. Neil O’Sullivan, Margaret O’Sullivan, Gerard Thompson
Owners: Bev Klingensmith, Neil O’Sullivan, Tiana Walters, Margaret O’Sullivan, Gerard Thompson

Baby Pictures :: Pedigree

Gigi at 2 years old – Picture taken 10/9/16

mantle great dane

Photo taken 5/2/16 (22 months old)

mantle great dane

Photo taken 4/10/16

mother and daughter great dane

Gigi (on right) with her mom, Kizzy – March 2016

mantle great dane

Gigi – fall of 2015

16 months old

11 months old

6 month old great dane puppy

6 months old

4 month old dane puppy in tapes

4 1/2 months old

4 month old dane puppy ears taped

4 1/2 months old

mantle great dane puppy cropped ears

12 1/2 weeks old – ears are doing great!

mantle great dane ears taped

12 weeks old

9 weeks

6 weeks