Current Breeding Plans

While I am a breeder, I breed selectively and infrequently.  I do not breed to merely produce puppies.  I take breeding choices and raising a litter very serious.  Because of that, I do not often have puppies available, but I am happy to assist with referrals.

We are tentatively planning a litter for the spring of 2018.  This would be a mantle x harlequin breeding, which has the potential to produce harlequins, mantles and merles.  More information about this breeding will be posted as our plans firm.

I will occasionally post litters from breeders I respect.  Please check out our breeder referral page.

If you would like assistance with breeder referrals, email me with your location and any color preferences.  I typically respond to emails within 48 hours.

Please thoroughly research any potential breeder.  Don’t just stop at asking a breeder if they have Great Dane puppies for sale.  Not all breeders are created equal.  And, just because a breeder loves their dogs does not make them a good breeder.  Ignorance and apathy – neither are good qualities for the breeder of your future family member!

Do not pay a breeder to “rescue” a puppy, as you are not only keeping them in business, but also buying yourself potential heartbreak!

* Why is health testing so important? *

Our policies on placing puppies

Please check out thiss articles on screening breeders: ABC’s of Buying a Purebred Puppy

Have you considered a rescue Dane?  A great way to obtain a wonderful companion!  If you’re in my area, check out the Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue.  Otherwise, the GDCA has a national rescue listing.

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