Picky Eaters

It is a very common issue with Danes, although certainly not limited to the breed, to experience picky eaters. It often starts around a year old (give/take) as their calorie needs have slowed. The owner tries all sorts of things to get the dog to eat…switching brands of food, adding tasty things to the food, hand feeding, etc. The problem is this all makes it worse! We exacerbate the issue and start the dog on a life (or at least many years) of being a picky eater. Not to mention, LOTS of owner frustration!

First, make sure there is nothing medically wrong with the dog. Any symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, lethargic, etc. would definitely warrant an immediate vet visit. But a vet visit might be needed regardless, to rule out dental or tonsil issues.

Next, determine if the dog’s weight is truly a problem. If your dog is too heavy, or even at an ideal weight, LISTEN to them and cut back what you are feeding. Especially if they are a young adult, it is likely you are simply over feeding.

Dog body condition

If the dog is too thin, some ideas to get them eating. Assuming you are already using a quality food, there is no need to switch foods. You need scheduled feeding times. Ideally twice a day. No free feeding. Cut out the treats for now (unless in a training class), except for right before meal time. Give a little snack to get the stomach juices going. The pre-meal snack before a meal has been a big success for me. Although it seems counterintuitive, cut back what you are offering by half. Put the food down for 5-10 minutes and then pick it back up until the next meal. If they don’t finish the meal, they get the rest of it (no more added) for the next meal. If they still cannot finish the half portion on a routine basis, cut back even more. Once they learn to clean the bowl, then gradually increase the amount until they are eating an appropriate amount.

Try to remain calm after uneaten meals. Even once the eating habits improve, the dog might still turn down a meal. Keep in mind that caloric needs can fluctuate based on age, seasons, exercise levels, etc., so there is no need to fret from an uneaten meal.

Eventually most dogs tend to age out of picky eating habits. If you utilize the above methods, you’ll save yourself lots of frustrations though.

Good show weekend!

Had a great weekend at the AKC Council Bluff’s all-breed dog show last weekend. Bing went Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Owner Handler Best of Breed, and then an Owner Handler Group 3 on Saturday. Bosley made his show ring debut in the 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy, earning a Puppy Group 2 on Saturday. On Sunday, Nash earned his first point going Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Owner Handler Best of Breed, and then an Owner Handler Group 1!

Nash showing off his Owner Handler Group 1 rosette.
Cell-phone shot of Bing in the ring

Curious about what those accomplishments mean? Check out The Road to Best In Show, published on the AKC website for an explanation of Winners Dog and Best of Winners. The 4-6 Month Puppy competition is a non-point event (dogs do not earn points towards their AKC championship until they are 6 months old). Owner Handler means exactly that – the person handling the dog is not a professional handler. For more information, check out National Owner Handler Series.

Puppy Updates & Pics

The puppies from our 2019 have all settled into their new homes and are doing great. Am excited that three of the four will be shown.

Farrah – Flighty Foto Tered-DBM – owned by Bev Klingensmith, Bree Buswell, Christy Watson and Dr. Neil O’Sullivan. Farrah lives nearby with Christy and Bree.
Bosley – Flighty Foto Tered-DBM Cruising Angels – owned by Denise Carroll, Bev Klingensmith, Riley Carroll and Dr. Neil O’Sullivan. Bosley lives with Denise and Riley.
Riot – Flighty Foto TeredDBM The Witty Angel – owned by Emily Handschumaker, Bev Klingensmith, and Dr. Neil O’Sullivan. Riot lives in NY with Emily.
Kimber – FlightyFoto TeredDBM Good Mornin Angel – Owned by Zac & Cassie Cleveland

New titles!

Bing and Nash both picked up their CA (Coursing Ability) titles in September. If you have never been to a lure coursing event, I highly recommend checking one out! It was great fun…the people were fantastic, the dogs loved the run, and it was beyond awesome to see the dogs give it their all.

Some pictures from that weekend: