New titles!

Bing and Nash both picked up their CA (Coursing Ability) titles in September. If you have never been to a lure coursing event, I highly recommend checking one out! It was great fun…the people were fantastic, the dogs loved the run, and it was beyond awesome to see the dogs give it their all.

Some pictures from that weekend:

Bing 15 months old and major pointed!

Super excited to share that Bing picked up his first major win at the Great Dane Club of Des Moines Specialties this past weekend. The weekend before that, he picked up his first point at the Amana dog shows. Love this silly boy so much!

Puppies 8 week evaluation

Farrah will live with a family near us and be shown and co-owned by us.
This girl is headed to a fantastic show home in NY
Bosley is going to live with a good friend nearby and will be co-owned by us. Look for him in the show ring!
Kimber went to a fantastic pet home near me and I will hopefully get to see her often!

5 Weeks Old

Puppies are 5 1/2 weeks old now and so much fun. Explored the backyard tonight for our photo shoot.

Puppy wrangling help 🙂