Puppies have arrived!

We welcomed five beautiful puppies on July 7, 2019! Sadly, we had one very teeny tiny puppy which did not make it. But the other four are doing fantastic! See their page.

Please note, at this time, we do not have any puppies still available. I am happy to assist with breeder referrals.

Mantle girl, piebald girl, mantle merle boy, harlequin girl – pictured at 2 days old

New CGCs

Earlier this month, both Bing and Nash earned their CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and Bing also earned his Novice Trick Dog title.

Powder Shots!

A few of my favorite things in life…dogs and photography. Very fun day this past weekend getting some powder shots! Afterwards let the dogs run and play with some new doggy friends.

Who says show dogs don’t get dirty?!

Kennel Cough At-Home Treatment

*Disclaimer – I am not a vet!

After we got home from the Great Dane National Specialty last fall, Bing started that hacking-gag sound that sounded like kennel cough. If you have never heard it before, a dog’s cough does not sound like a person’s cough. It sounds like the dog got something stuck in their throat, like a gag. Please note that other things can also cause dogs to cough/gag.

I had previously heard others recommend Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing as an at-home treatment. After reading up on the product, I felt it was a safe option to try. One drop, per gallon of water, in their drinking water.

Per Mrs. Stewart’s info, there are multiple uses for this cheap little bottle of liquid. You can purchase online at places like Amazon or at your local grocery/hardware stores.

Happy to report that this successfully worked for Bing. Nash did end up with a bit of snotty discharge (even though he didn’t attend the show, his exposure to Bing introduced it), so we did have to make a trip to the vet for some antibiotics for him.

This can be used a preventative, before going to a dog show, or can be used for a few weeks post show upon any symptoms.

If the dog’s symptoms do not clear up within a few days, or if they worsen, please see your veterinarian.

Bing – Conformation Practice

Practice, practice, practice!  We frequently attend a drop-in conformation class, so that Bing learns to be a show dog.  It’s much harder than it looks!  And we want the dogs to enjoy showing, so we work hard to make it fun for the dog.  Part of that includes getting the dog used to what is expected of them, so it’s an enjoyable experience and not a stressful one come the day of a show.

Here he is at the end of a long class (and an impromptu play session that followed), so a bit done with it all, but still a cooperative puppy.  7 months old.

Side note: Dogs show in conformation, not confirmation.  Conformation is about how the dogs conform to the breed standard.