Dane related injuries

Earlier this summer, I broke my little toe while walking the dogs in my new Vibram Five Finger shoes (which are awesome).  I had commented that was my first broken bone inflicted by the dogs.  I should have knocked on wood or thrown some salt over my shoulder.

Late this past Wednesday, I took the dogs for a run in the pasture behind our house.  We had been gone most all day and the dogs were extra exuberant.  In fact, Joe and the boys weren’t even home yet as they spent the night at resort a few hours away but I had come home early so that I could make it into work the next day.

As I walked down one of the hills, the dogs were playing with each other and came roaring down the hill.  Straight towards me.  I noticed too late and they plowed straight into the back of me, taking me down hard.  My right leg twisted behind me .  As I lay on the ground in the dark, howling in pain, the dogs circled around me trying to tell me they were sorry.crutches

It took me several minutes and many attempts, but I managed to stand up and hobble the very long trek back to the house.  I then I called a friend to take me to the ER.  X-rays showed that I had two spiral fractures in my fibula, one near mid-calf and the other just above my ankle.  Of course I’m on crutches as I can’t bear any weight on the leg.

A visit to the orthopedic doctor the following day was good news in that I shouldn’t have to any surgery.  The bad news is that since it’s my right leg, I can’t drive for the next 6 weeks.  Work is still questionable as the doctor hasn’t released me to return yet.  I have to go back to see him in a week for more x-rays to check on the healing progress.

Oh, the joys of Danes!!