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Skyy's Pregnancy Progression
Litter due April 8th, 2008

Waiting for the puppies....

See these puppies grow up

Skyy hanging out in the whelping box with her buddy, Oliver.
(It was sure nice of us to put a giant cat bed in our bedroom!)

very pregnant Great Dane
61 days pregnant - She had seven puppies the following day,
all nice healthy weights - over one pound each

profile pregnant dane
58 days pregnant

pregnant Great Dane - 58 days
58 days pregnant - any day now!

pregnant great dane
53 days pregnant

Feeling the puppies kick!

pregnant dane 48 days
OK, so this is only one day after the last picture, but I think she ballooned over night!

Pregnant Great Dane
47 days pregnant

Pregnant dog 41 days
41 days pregnant

Great Dane about 5 weeks pregnant
35 days pregnant

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